Monster Tournament 2021

Entries are now closed for the 2021 Tournament. Thank you for

playing. You can track the wins and losses by visiting THIS PAGE.


Hello! Welcome to The 2021 Monster Tournament!  A nonsensical diversion, but also a GIVE-AWAY in which you could win free fishcakes stuffs!

This is a tournament that will be played on Instagram over the course of two weeks.  You enter the contest by filling out a monster bracket, predicting which monster from each pairing will win through four rounds.


The tournament runs from March 1st to March 15th.  On March 16th, winners will be notified!  PRIZES will be awarded for the top FIVE people with the highest scores.

It's free to enter, you just need to fill out a bracket to participate.  In order to vote on each day's winner, you'll need an Instagram account.  However you don't need an Instagram account to fill out a bracket or win the prizes at the end of the tournament.  Updates on the daily results will be posted here.


Winners are chosen by popular vote on Instagram.  Each day a new pair of monsters will face off in a poll on our Instagram Stories.  You'll have 24 hours from the time the story is posted to vote on the monster you think will win that pairing.  The first round lasts 8 days, with a new pair facing off each day.  The winner of each pair will advance to the second round, which will see four more pairs facing off.  The winners of those pairs will face off in the FINAL!  Whoever wins that is the 2021 CHAMPION!


Once the whole tournament is done, the TOP FIVE people with the highest scores will win a goodie bag of fishcakes stuff as well as the pride that comes with knowing you have a very specific and totally useless talent for predicting which upset food thing will defeat another.

  1. Download this zip file It contains your printable brackets, pictures of the contenders, and an instruction sheet.

  2. Print your brackets* and fill out your predictions for each pair for all four rounds.

  3. Submit your brackets to Voz either by email or by tagging us on Instagram @fishcakesdotnet. Note: your brackets must be completed and submitted by February 28 to qualify you to enter the give-away.

  4. Follow @fishcakesdotnet on Instagram.

  5. Check the stories every day to vote on your monster choices and mark your score as the tournament progresses.  Scoring information is found here.

* If you don't have access to a working printer, you can just draw your brackets and send that in.

For more information, or if you're not on Instagram, but still want to follow the tournament, visit this page for daily updates.