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Monster Tournament


Everybody's favorite March madness event!


The Monster Tournament was created in 2021 as a nonsensical diversion during March and as an excuse for me to draw dramatic and emotional food creatures. 

Sixteen moody foods make up the contenders, and participants try to predict which ones will win each match in a single-elimination style tournament.

Winners are determined by popular vote on Instagram stories, sometimes with surprising results. These are the only kinds of upsets that are fun.




Please come back in February 2024 to download the files for the 2024 Monster Tournament and for deadlines for submitting your brackets. 

How it works:

Study the contenders list and try to predict which moody food will win each battle.  There are four rounds, with the winner of each pair advancing to the next round.  Once you have filled out your bracket, predicting each winner up to the very end, please submit it to me via email.  Please remember to put your name on your bracket!

The tournament itself will start on MARCH 4 on Instagram in my stories.  You will then have the opportunity to vote for the moody foods you hope will win.  Popular vote with decide the outcome.  In the event of a tie, we will re-do that pair at the end of the round.  Voting will continue until we've reached the final round and a champion is crowned for 2024.

I'll be keeping track of scores, but please keep up at home if you're playing along. 


How to score your brackets: 

Each win in ROUND 1 is worth 2 points

Each win in ROUND 2 is worth 5 points

Each win in ROUND 3 is worth 10 points

Each win in ROUND 4 is worth 15 points

I will reward the top 5 scorers with some goodies from fishcakes

just because it's fun to win prizes, right?


Submit your completed bracket by MARCH 3, NOON EST (GMT -5)


It's free to enter the Monster Tournament, but if you are amused or delighted or otherwise positively moved by taking part in it, please consider turning that good feeling into a donation to your local food bank, food pantry, or other food resource center in your neighborhood.  They are always looking for donations of peanut butter, cereals, canned fish or chicken, and canned soups.

Not on Instagram?

That's OK!  You can still enter to win.  Fill out your brackets, submit them, and check on this page for daily updates as the tournament progresses.

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