are here!
are here!

Hello, smart shoppers.  Are you buying gifts this holiday?  Here are some things to think about as you go about your holiday shopping. 


Shop Early!  It's easier to social distance while the stores aren't crowded yet.  Most stores can only accommodate a small number of customers at a time, so you might have to wait outside.  And it might be cold.  Grab your shopping list and get as much done as you can now!


Many small businesses have websites and offer shipping or pick-up in store options for getting your purchases.  We are happy to wrap and ship your order directly to your loved one with your personalized note, and you don't even need to change out of your slippers.

Shop Local!  This is always a good idea. Supporting local businesses builds community and makes your town even more super than you know.  Your local small shops and stores are owned and run by your neighbors and friends and they keep your local economy strong, which makes your town better, which makes life better!  Consider buying from a neighborhood gift shop, or buying the snacks and coffee that fuel your shopping spree from the corner shop or that cute cafe down the street.

Shop Handmade!  There are so many talented artists and craftspeople out there.  There aren't as many craft shows happening this year, but you can still find great stuff in your local gift shops and art galleries.  Or, go online and do a little searching to find handmade gifts for the people you love.  There is SO MUCH good stuff out there.

Fun fact: When you place an order from a small shop or independent artist, you are making someone very, very, very, very happy.  You're not just buying a nice piece of handmade art, you're helping someone pay their rent, afford supplies, pay for stuff their kids need, and feed themselves, not to mention inspiring them to keep on making great stuff.  That's a WIN-WIN formula right there!

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