Fishcakes accidentally became a business in 2001. There wasn't a plan, just some animal drawings on cards, and canvas patches with toothy monsters bearing warnings: I'm Grumpy. I'm Weird. I Disobey.

Since then, there are more than 200 designs, and we've sent thousands of little monsters out into the world. We think this a good thing. The world needs more epic, dorky, dessert-loving, semicolon-using, crafty, noisy, algebra-savvy, bookish monsters who love prime numbers and bugs. 

Despite referring to ourselves in the plural first person, Fishcakes is actually just Voz Perkins. When we say we, we're obviously including the monsters. 



Voz spends a lot of time making stuff, doodling monsters, and trying to choose between tea and coffee. 


She looks exactly like that drawing!