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About Voz

Fishcakes accidentally became a business in 2001. There wasn't a plan, just some animal drawings on cards, and canvas patches with toothy monsters bearing warnings: I'm Grumpy. I'm Weird. I Disobey.

Since then, I've drawn hundreds of emotional monsters, animals, and foods and sent them out into the world. I think this a good thing; the world needs more epic, dorky, dessert-loving, semicolon-using, crafty, noisy, algebra-savvy, bookish creatures who love prime numbers and bugs. 

I am a big fan of animals, doodling, and anthropomorphizing just about everything I come across.  I do my monster-making in Providence with the help of two small dogs who bark a lot and remind me to take breaks.

Screenshot 2024-04-05 100229.png


I was interviewed by Annie Sherman for a piece in Rhode Island Monthly. We talked about the origin and evolution of fishcakes.

It was a super cool day to be a moody monster!

Click the image to check out the digital copy of the April 2024 edition.

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