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The 2024 calendar is here, friends!   This year it features a whole slew of emotional foods from the Moody Food Universe (the Moodyfoodiverse!)  So many emotional foods, you will be astounded.


If you are not familiar with the tournament I run in March on Instagram, this calendar will introduce you to that weird and wonderful world, AND give you the tools to participate in the 2024 contest.  If you are a past participant in the tournament, you will recognize some old friends, like Dangerous Durian, and Murderous Milkshake.  But there are new friends, too!  And in March, some of them will be competing for the title of CHAMPION in the 2024 Monster Tournament.


In addition to the usual things calendars contain (months and weeks and days), this one has instructions for participating in the tournament as well as a handy QR code you can scan to download the brackets for the 2024 contest. It measures 8-1/2" x 11" when open and has a hole for hanging.

2024 Calendar

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