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Every now and then we need to be reminded to take care of ourselves.  We forget to eat, or don't get enough sleep, or just don't pay attention to how we feel.  These cards are intended to be used as friendly reminders to be mindful of what we need to be healthy.


Send them as postcards to people you love.  Hang them on your fridge, or tape them to your mirror so you'll be reminded daily to be good to your mind and your body.  They measure 3.5" x 5", which is legal postcard size, so you can send them off with just a postcard stamp and let someone know you're thinking of them.  That's also a standard frame size, so you could frame them if you want and hang them in your home.


You get 6 different cards, one of each, with the following messages:

Drink some water

Get some sleep

Take your vitamins

Be nice to yourself

Take your meds

You are loved


Packaged as a set in a clear sleeve

SRP $13-$15

Friendly Reminders - WS

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