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Do you know a high quality human?  Would you like to let them know just how top drawer you think they are? How utterly and completely super they are?  Do you think they need to be reminded they are an inimitable beacon of light and everlasting ace-ness?  If so, we've got something you might want to see.


The High Quality Human Appreciation Kit is a little box of happiness any fine being would love to receive.  It includes a variety of wee gifts of encouragement as well as a healthy dose of silliness because that's what we do best here at fishcakes.  There's a 12 page book with a variety of praises/affirmations/exclamations of admiration to cheer your chosen human on as well as some stickers to make them smile.


Here's what you get in each kit:


  • a tiny book
  • one lucky flounder sticker
  • one Yak of Encouragement sticker
  • one carded button
  • one magnet of your choice
  • a handwritten note


Each collection of goodies comes packaged in a bright red box with a blue ribbon sticker declaring your recipient's High Quality nature.  We can ship these directly to your High Quality Human if you like, or send them to you so you can gift them yourself.


You can also add more buttons, magnets, stickers, or an iron-on patch to the box.  Please see the note on how to add on to your gift.


Don't forget to write a special note for the recipient and we'll transcribe it by hand as prettily as we can.  If you prefer the card blank so you can add your own message, just let us know that instead.



High Quality Human Appreciation Kit

  • To add any items to your High Quality Human Appreciation Box, add them to your cart as usual and leave us a note when you check out letting us know if you want them included in the box.


    Please note:  Buttons, magnets, iron-on patches, and stickers will all fit perfectly in the box.  You're welcome to add on plush or mugs or whatever, these larger items will be shipped along with, but obviously not inside the little box. Sadly, we're not magicians.

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