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Can't find the perfect Sidekick for your adventures?  Create your own!


Sidekicks are handmade from my own original pattern.  I make them by hand from start to finish, including their dapper crocheted outfits. They are cuddly and strange and suitable companions for all kinds of events and situations.  Their bodies are made of super soft fleece, with coordinating cotton fabric ears, and hand crocheted sweaters, dresses, or fancy ponchos.  They are kid and adult friendly plushies!

You can create your own by choosing the body and eye color, the size of your monster's ears and nose, and what handmade crochet outfit they'll wear.  Use the drop down menu to make your selections.  Once I have your specific preferences, I will make you your very own Sidekick.


Check out the gallery of previously-adopted Sidekicks HERE to see what's possible.

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Sidekick Specs:


Monster bodies vary in size (like human bodies!), but in general, they are 6" inches from top to bottom, not counting the ears, legs, or horns.  Arms are a wacky 10" long -- a very good length for hugging or possibly stealing food from your plate (careful!).  Legs are about 6" long.


Eyes are hand painted plastic safety eyes.  Sometimes glitter is involved.  You get to choose the color you like, but keep in mind you're picking a color family, not a specific shade of a color.  (So, you might pick blue and think of a lovely cornflower blue, but the paint may end up being deeper than that. If you are feeling very particular about the color or shade, leave me a note in your order and I will do my best to match it.)


Ears come in 3" or 6" sizes and are sort of rabbity-shaped (which is to say long and rounded.)  You get to choose which size you want.


Noses are either small, larger than small, or long and a little curved, sort of like a trunk. There are no set measurements, but you can see the variety available in the photos.


Sidekick outfits are hand crocheted from a variety of yarns.  If you have a wool sensitivity, please let me know as some of the yarns I use might have wool in them. 


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Special Requests:

If you have special requests, you can add them to your order and I'll do my best to make them happen.   

☆ Custom Monster Sidekick ☆

  • How soon you'll get your custom Sidekick depends on how many orders are in front of yours.  In general, I try to get custom plush out within a week, but sometimes it takes longer.  If you have a specific date in mind, please let me know so I can see if it's possible to meet.

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