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If you have a 2022 calendar, the December page is all messed up. However, you can download a replacement page HERE and make it all better.


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This year's theme is New Weird Holidays

In case the usual holidays aren't weird enough for you. 


New Holidays include:

Free Stick Day!

Sandwich Swap Day!

Formal Shouting Day!

Bonnet Enthusiast Day!


The calendar is the usual 12 month thing, with months and weeks and days, all in order so you don't get confused. Calendar measures 8-1/2" x 11" when open, which is the best way to use it unless you have X-ray vision. It's got a hole so you can hang it up, too! I have thought of everything.


There is ALSO a companion book with a couple of extra holidays in it. You can purchase the calendar or the book here at a reduced price (THANK YOU FOR BEING A PATRON!), or get BOTH.


Make your choice from the drop-down menu that says: CHOICES!

2022 Calendar

$18.00 Regular Price
$2.00Sale Price
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