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For creative folks.

Are you a creative person currently struggling to maintain an art practice?

Do you worry you're not a "real" artist?

Do you struggle to find the value in what you do?

Do you have trouble finding time for your art?

Do you have trouble getting started?

Do you struggle to get or stay focused?

Are you bullied by deadlines?

If any of those questions resonate, let's talk!

You already have all the skills you need to make a meaningful art practice. With a little guidance and support from me, you will learn how to identify those skills and build on them to help you feel more confident. Together we will create strategies you can use forever. 

What do I offer?

Online chats about your work and your practice.

Help setting goals and identifying struggles.

Email or text check-ins to keep you on track.

Specific help with projects such as planning,

and meeting deadlines.

Super compassionate accountability.

So much encouragement!


What's my deal?

I have been making stuff since I was old enough to hold a pair of safety scissors. I come from a long line of makers of the "just go for it" variety, and feel so lucky to have grown up around crafts and crafty folks who were never afraid to try something new.

I've had my business fishcakes for over 20 years, and have learned a lot about focus, structure, goal-setting, goal-reaching, failing, and especially having compassion for myself in all the places where I struggle.


I do understand the difficulty of finding time to make your art when you also need to work, eat, sleep, and all that other life stuff. I am tremendously privileged to be able to make art for a living, but it is still work, and it is separate from the art I make on my own. I still have to work on finding time for it, but it is possible to do.


I try to make something every day. I doodle regularly, and am always working on three or four projects of various types at the same time. I have ADHD (which explains the multiple-projects-at-once thing) and am still learning about how that affects my organization, planning, time management, and focus. I think there are a lot of benefits as a creative person to having ADHD, but there are challenges as well.

I'm interested in coaching other creative folks because I know from experience a little support can go a long way. Making art is often a solo act, but it's essential that you have a place to talk to other artists about what you do. Even better if those artists give you genuine, meaningful feedback and support along the way.

(I want to say something here about not being a hyperactive salesman who values product over process)


Interested in a chat?

Let's have a free 15 minute consult video chat to see if I'm the right fit for you. 

Fill out the form below with your contact info as well as a little about your art, or what you're hoping to work with me about, and I will get back to you to arrange a time for a call. If you have questions for me, feel free to ask!

Please note that, although I have an art business myself, I am not an art business coach. I don't specifically offer guidance for growing your art business, although some issues related to that might come up, but if you are specifically looking for help building or growing the business side of your art, I am probably not the best fit.


Thank you! I will be in touch soon.

What are we going to talk about?

At the initial consultation, we can talk about where you are right now with your art, where you'd like to go, and what struggles you are having getting there.

For example, maybe you make art irregularly and would love to have an art practice that is more predictable, with more flow and less struggle.

Or maybe you have a show you're getting ready for and you are overwhelmed by the amount of stuff you need to do, and imposter syndrome is setting in. You'd like to feel more in control and confident amidst the chaos.

Once we've identified what your struggles are, and what your destination is, we can move on to regular sessions. 

Coaching sessions will look different for each person, because we've all got different goals and roadblocks, but in general, we will talk about your process and your goals (if you hate that word we can call them plans or hopes or wild ideas), what's working, what's not, and see if we can find the places you're stuck and unstick you.

How much does coaching cost?

The initial consultation chat is free. After that, the prices are on a sliding scale, based on what you are able to pay. I believe this gives better access to all sorts of folks in all sorts of situations. I trust you will pay what you can, and that it will be a fair price.

15 minute consult - free
1 hour session - $20 to $60

For the best results, I think weekly or monthly sessions make sense so we can figure out what your needs are, and work on making a plan that will work for you. I also offer accountability check-ins as needed, once we've established your goals, which would be a brief email or text conversation just to make sure you're staying on track, and figuring out what's holding you back if you're not

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