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Sidekicks are handmade from my own original pattern.  I make them by hand from start to finish, including their dapper crocheted outfits. They are cuddly and strange and suitable companions for all kinds of events and situations.  Their bodies are made of super soft fleece, with coordinating cotton fabric ears, and hand crocheted sweaters, dresses, or fancy ponchos.


They are kid-friendly, but also adult-friendly.  They're just plain friendly.  They make great plushies for tea parties and board meetings and all the other fun things on your agenda.


You are buying this very Sidekick; it's ready to go home to you!  If you desire a different color/style of monster, you can buy a custom Sidekick here: Made to order Sidekick.

Sidekick Specs:


Monster bodies vary in size (like human bodies!), but in general, they are 6" inches from top to bottom, not counting the ears, legs, or horns.  Arms are an insane 10" long -- a very good length for hugging or possibly stealing food from your plate (careful!).  Legs are about 6" long.


Eyes are hand painted plastic safety eyes.  Sometimes glitter is involved. 


Sidekick outfits are hand crocheted from a variety of natural and synthetic yarns.


Monster Sidekick ♡ ready to ship!

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